About Me

I’m an avid rock climber, design historian, and video gamer. I love that these and other things challenge me to look at the world in very different ways.



I’m especially excited for opportunities to relocate internationally to either Vancouver, BC or Amsterdam.

In terms of focus, I’m looking to join a product team that will push my design skills at a company that has a truly embedded design culture. What does that mean?

  • you interview and test way before deployment, and if the results aren’t good, you aren’t afraid to go back to the drawing board, even if it means pushing back deadlines

  • you have (or are willing to have) dedicated User Researchers

  • you understand that what people say they want is very different than what they actually need

  • you have an open and honest culture that is all about healthy feedback


How I got here

I’ve always pursued my interests without knowing just where they’d lead me.

Science was my first love, and I graduated with a degree in Biology from UCSD. I wanted so badly to understand how the natural world worked.

My first experience with design was as a Route Setter at Mesa Rim Climbing Gym. I learned just how easily people will use a product not-as-intended, and how to check your assumptions (and ego) at the door.

I then worked in the fashion industry. This was art-as-design. I learned the language of mood boards and metaphors, and the magic of storytelling. I never expected that introducing people to fashion was a powerful way to learn how to listen and to listen deeply.

Like many others, I started to hear whispers about UX design around 2014. I was largely self-taught and I was hooked with how it blended the qualitative study of people, with quantitative evaluation of results. I made the leap to accelerate my education with an immersive boot-camp, followed by doing contract work to cut my teeth.

Now with a few years under my belt, I know better than ever that there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing!

But enough about design

Some recent proud accomplishments may illustrate to you who I am outside of what I do for work:

  • learned how to reweave danish cord chairs

  • climbing my first v10 in 2017, and then climbing a handful more to prove to myself that it wasn’t a fluke

  • proud dog parent (9 years and counting)

  • building my own computer

  • canvassed for a political candidate & attended (multiple) protests

Things I still want to do:

  • move (& work) internationally before my 40’s

  • climb v12 (this is a moving goalpost)

  • cook restaurant quality food

  • attend a live eSports event